Monday, October 25, 2010

NeW name oF URL .......... i love gyaru life


I'm surprise because I update two times the blog this week ... OMG haahahah
well, i have changed url's name of my blog, because for me, it sounds bad adoregyarulife lah I changed it to I love gyaru life ... I like it more

and finally I leave these pictures ...!

wuuhh i love her hair and her style chu chu for u j gyaru

Sunday, October 24, 2010

☮☮卍HELLoOoOoO卍☮☮......! and ギャルサ called charasen first met☮☮卍

☮☮卍☮☮卍☮☮卍☮☮卍☮☮卍☮☮卍☮☮卍☮☮卍☮☮卍☮☮卍NEW HAIR COLOR☮☮卍☮☮卍☮☮卍☮☮卍☮☮卍☮☮卍☮☮卍☮☮卍☮☮卍☮☮卍☮☮卍☮☮卍
First, I want to bring yours this video, because every time I see I like it more nd more heheh, maybe already have seen it , maybe not ..... I hope you like it and enjoy it .


Watch ガルサー in Entertainment  |  View More Free Videos Online at

second, IDIED my hair more, and I paint it pink as yuma(ゆま)

And finally, here where I live ... MEMBERS AND SENATORS WILL DECIDE TO INCREASE $ 7 PESOS MORE THE PACK OF CIGARETTES, now cost $ 40 this equates to $ 4 dollars, I am angry because with this the only thing achieved is that the wattage kind that yields lower and This will make the tobacco fired off thousands and thousands of people, when the same members where smokes in forbidden places , and clear that they don't care to rise to 40 cause they earn 200,000 per month humm
and i'm sorry i had to get out of myself this thought and tell it to other people