Tuesday, October 30, 2012

New look and random things about J-FEST 2012

Hi ~~~~ holaaaaa
Long time no see ..!! mucho tiempo de no vernos 

First i will show you  my new hair style , that obviously didn't be as it should be .. !!! bahhhhh

primero les mostrare mi nuevo estulo de cabello , que obviamente no me salio .. !!!! bahhhh

first i bleached it the roots of the hair and just a half of the hair , i mean just one side . !!!

primelo lo decolore , solo la raiz y la parte izquierda . !

and then ta ta ta tannnnn   half purple and half silver of course as i said tha guy that bleached me my hair didn't make it well so  some parts in the silver part  ...... you know .. !!!

y despuesss ta ta ta tannnnn mitad morado mitad morado , auqnue el tipo que me lo decoloro , no lo hizo bien y pues ... ya saben no me agarro bein  ... !!

Ok a couple a days ago we Dolly gyarusa and some other gals  ~~+  exposed about gyaru culture in the J-FEST 2012

Hace un par de dias dolly gyarusa y otras gals impartimos una conferencia acerca del gyaru en el J-fest  

facebook of the event 

  , we were success despite all the problems we had , "we got in bout with 'em " hohohoh here some photos   (a lot ) photos  enjoy it !

fuimos exitosas apesar de las adversidades que enfrentamos " estuvimos en combate con ellas " hhoho  aqui fotos del evento ( bastantes )     GYARU MEXICO

dancing para para 

and millions of similar photos  I felt famous of all the photos that people ask to took us !!

here a video of us dancing para para ....   isn't perfect but .... puaaaahhahahahah

hohoho gracais .. !! thank you .. ~~~see yo "soon "