Sunday, November 28, 2010

Egg magazine , Ageha , Ranzuki ...... December..O(≧∇≦)O

In my last post i don't know why doesn't appear my gaijin gyaru video ...ヽ(#`Д´)ノ┌┛〃∩AhーAhーAhー stupid blogger... made me work for nothing
it take a lot of time to upload and it doesn't appear ... waaaa so angry, but I'll check after that.
Now I leave the magazine Egg, Ageha,and Ranzuki of december the link is not from me, cause im soooo lazy, but I hope it serve u hahaha, then i will upload my collection of 2008 and 2007 and re-Constructing my page. waaaaaaaaa. im working in this right now, when i have finished and i upload it, i hope you like it .... so, it's all for now


Egg magazine december

Ranzuki december 2010

Ageha december 2010

Monday, November 15, 2010

Another story about foreign (gaijin) gyarus (`∀`)/

BEFORE I START, I tell you now is not able to do some of my great hobbies: take me many photos because I lost my camera's USB cable and my computer has no connection bluetooth .............. ........... Why? I need to upload photos ................. waaaaa

Well getting back to the theme I've found this video on a Japanese blog, is a video of a documentary of foreign (gaijin) gyarus living in Japan, is missing a piece, that seeketh after.
also want to say that I start to rise again some gyaru's magazines as Egg, Ranzuki, and Ageha and i'll also increase the arrears and my collection of magazines.

and finally this videon where hyuna of 4minute slliped , she looks sooo funny haah


Sunday, November 14, 2010

4..3..2..1......bongeeeee ^w^/ cho kawaii......

Now i was watchin a- tube again n i found this video of かなこ ろみひ あやすずki ...... they are making challenges , riding first! i think it was who controlled it better, then in go karts hahaha, finally jumping on the bungee. hahaha again, hahah i love how i romihi's body sees hahahahahahaha "contortions all" but I only put the link where ろみひ & かなこ are fanned of the bungee, because I have a lot of slack, just put it because i love how they looked ..... ^w^

XoXo .....!!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

CoOkInG WiTh kAnAkO AyA AnD RoMi chan ...! ? ガ━━Σ(゚Д゚|||)━━ン!!

w(☆o◎)wガーン ...... OMG ican't believe it , another update in this wweek ... what happens with me .... hahahah
Now I bring TO you this video of a contest of food in a tv foro with a proffesional chef ... well i think because i don't speak japanese so i don't know what they are saying .. hahahah so saddd TwT .....what was I saying? , aahhh yes I remember , which involved some models of the egg hehehe I love Kanako's voice. and combed Romihi so cute

part 1



and then i will write thhis in french too cause also i need to improve my french awww sooo lazyyy but, it's forgetting me, so i will practice here

Je ne peux pas le croire je mets à jour deux fois cette semaine ce qui se passe avec moi ..,....haha je vous apporte cette vidéo d'un concours de nourriture dans un foro tv avec un chef proffesional bien, je pens parce que je ne parle pas japonais donc je ne sais pas ce qu'ils disentm .... triste ce que je disais? oui je me souviens, ce qui cause certains modèles de la egg magazine he .... J'adore la voix de Kanako. et peignés Romihi si mignon

alors .... je te vois

sooooo.... see ya

(*^^)^*) ☆Chu!!
(*^^)^*) ☆Chu!

Monday, November 8, 2010

HApPy hAllOwEeN n ShIbUyA ...... WuHAHAHAHA

sAlUt .... ça va ?

as u know ATOM is the club of da gyarus i was watching tha ATOM page i saw this gorgeous event so.. i think : one day i wanna stay at a halloween awwwww and u know according to the Web it became the best event in tokyo hahaha, but you know how this clubs, throw flowers themselves, although I admit I had given so sooo soooooooooooo much for being there, wow here the photos of the event

if u dont know the atom page here -->

I spend the Halloween in a club called first level, in a foam party ....... was very funny i fell pfffffff... many times, i dont know if it was for the foamthat it was at my waist and i slipped or drunk hahaha, i dont put pictures, because, as you can imagine as it lies, with my hair all tangled with makeup smeared, all wet,i'll look for a picture hahaha where do i stay more or less presentable and then i post it .... ok see ya

chu chu

Saturday, November 6, 2010

BarBiE KiNg sIzE LeNsEs oR A CaNdY MaGiC KG SiZeo_0/

i wanna buy a barbie K size lenses in grey or a candy magic lenses , but i m afraid, that I have increased my eyes (I'm blind) hahaha, but what I have can't be done in such lenses .... awwwww so sad! , Then as I don't want to bring glasses frame, although i know that a gyaru dont be 100% gyaru without lenses, well at least in the physical. so i dont know what i do if i bring my barbie lenses with regular glases, or don't bring my barbie leneses an use a normal contact lenses

a dilemma obiowss for me "!!!!