Monday, May 23, 2011

Make up TUTORIAL ^^

I had weekends and weekends thinking if i do a tutorial make up video or not , but last saturday i decide to did it ... waaaaaaaaaaaaaa  and i did  hehehe   check it

and other photos ^^

and a photo video .......  failll

hahah ok   thanks foe readinand watchin g or whatever you do here    chu

Friday, May 20, 2011

With out light in my house :s ! & meeting with Dolly

hi my pretty cute readers <3<3<3

Hoy se fue la luz en mi casa , una de la cosas mas horribles que me puede pasar , cuando esa cosa pasan recuerres a lo ultimo que queda en tu casa con reserva de luz , como laptop , celulares , ipods camaras , en mi caso ya nada tenia  energia , bueno ni siquiera tengo ipod , y no t5enia gnas de slair así qu7e encontre la camara y decidi hacer my propio photoshoot amateur .. hahaha ,k a las 7 fotos me doy cuenta que no esta la puta memoria ,.......................... queeeeeeeeeee la tenia mi hermnao y al dinal solo consegui  como 7 fotos en un lapso de 20 minutos .... T_T  así que me quede como niña perturbada en mi patio moviendomede de atras para adelante hasta que regreso la luz,, y eso no esta chido ... !! hahahaha  , pero consegui unas fotos lindas unas muy pocas fotos lindas .. hahaha aquí se las dejo para que las cheken .....

Today was gone the  light in my house, one of the most horrible things that can happen to me when that thing recuerres to spend the last thing on your home is subject to light, such as laptop, cell phones, cameras ipods,   in my case since I had no energy, I have not an ipod, and had no desire to slair so I found the camera and decided to make my own amateur photoshoot .. hahaha, at 7 pictures I realize that the camera does not have a fucking memory,.......................... whattttttttttttttmy brother had it  at and the final I only get 7 photos in 20 minutes .... T_T so disturbed me as a child is in my backyard moving me back and forth until the  light come back , and that is not cool ... ! hahahaha, but got some photos , a few pretty nice photos .. hahaha here I leave for the cheked .....

here a photo in my school in the stairs .. 


Primero fuimos al centro de la pffffffffffffffffff que calor hacia , lo recuerdo y muero , estuvimos ahí caminando charlando etc etc , Miccah picandole la nariz a un artista d ela calle , y luego así como dice Jun entramos al McDonalds  sin compromiso a consumir solo a sentarse .. ahah  aquí las fotikos ..!!!

First we went to the downtown  of the city  pffffffffffffffffff was so hot tha ambience I remember and die, we were walking around , chatting etc etc, Miccah poking the nose  of a street artist , and then we entered to McDonalds  like  Junsays no compromise to consume just to sit ..  herethe photos ..!!! ahah

con los de LYF

EN eL MACdonalds ...



mi maquillaje ya empezandose a correr de l calor

ok thanks for read me  espero no haberlos aburrido ;D 

Monday, May 16, 2011

Lady gaga in Mexico ... ! waaa

Hello  pfffff
the last week Lady gaga came to Mexico  ..waaaaaa  and of course I went to see her  ........ uhhhh i love gaga  .........

The concert began at 8.30, but like any artist arrived an hour late ..... i arrived to the foro sol at 5.30
OMG I felt as an artist, because they take me  many photos for newspapers and magazines ...... Or people who liked my look, the strange thing is that was not dressed as Lady gaga,  i was dressed as gyaru( as my style obviously) .............. but good advantage for promotion of gal, cause they ask me     in what is inspired your outfit?, and I answer in fashion gyaru am a gyaru wahaaaaaaa.... here my outfit nothing new because I already had shown here......
forget my horrible face ....  

some random photos 

people arriving


me again

me and my friend whose i went

lady gaga starting ... i put the photo because in the videos sounds my horrible voice singing aloud   that was scared

people  going away

Gaga said that love Mexico   ..... hahahahaha  (my traumas) ¬¬

and finally

I made one of the most stupid things in my life hahahaha, Lady Gaga siang one of her new songs called Americano, 30 minutes after she occurs again  sing it,and  my friend told me, hey I know that song .... .. And I so with my face .... yes, I too .. I think it goes in a movie i answer .... ¬¬ .... , hahaha and turns the guy  next door tells us .............. is that Americano and she singing for a while ..... fuckkk  we saw very  assholes hahahaha
I still remember his  mocking face of  the guy  hahahaha

ok thanks for reading me ... chu 

Saturday, May 7, 2011

♥ ♥Hoy cumplo mi primer año de GYARU ♥ ♥

Today marks my first year of gyaru

 Hi ... my pretty chiken sweethearts ..

Yeap , today one year ago,  was my first gyaru day .............  insurance wonder, how is it that I remember?

I remember, because it is the day that one of my best friends birthday, and that day was the first day I decided to makeup and dress up as "gyaru" is in quotes because I saw actually not very gyaru

Sooooo i will show, as it was before gyaru, and my evolution as gyaru

Yeap, hoy hace un año, fue mi primer día gyaru............. de seguro se preguntan, ¿cómo es que me acuerdo? . 

Lo recuerdo, porque es el día en que uno de mis mejores amigos cumple años, y ese día fue el primer día que me decidí a maquillarme y vestirme como "gyaru" está entre comillas porque en realidad no vi muy gyaru

ASÍ que les mostrare, como era antes de ser gyaru, y mi evolución como gyaru

FIRST BEFORE BEING GYARU ( I will not extend years ago, because if not imagine?, how many photos would put? , I just concentrate in one month behind.)


♥ ♥ FACE ♥ ♥

I always did arabic make up ......because i loved it and i still loving it . sometimes i mix gyaru make up with arabic make up <3

Simpre me hacia maquillaje arabico ....porque me gustaba y m sigue gustando , avece hoy en dia mezclo el mauqillaje arabe con el gyaru <3

♥ ♥BODY ♥ ♥

 Ever in my life i love to have my hair dye in colors but  in that time my hair was red brown  because my hair was resting of all the bleaches i did berore .. poor hair

long , very long hair ...and  natural , i miss it .. i had to cut it .. it was so damage



and as you know me right know with my newest look  yeaahhh

NEW LOOK ... YES ..!