Monday, May 16, 2011

Lady gaga in Mexico ... ! waaa

Hello  pfffff
the last week Lady gaga came to Mexico  ..waaaaaa  and of course I went to see her  ........ uhhhh i love gaga  .........

The concert began at 8.30, but like any artist arrived an hour late ..... i arrived to the foro sol at 5.30
OMG I felt as an artist, because they take me  many photos for newspapers and magazines ...... Or people who liked my look, the strange thing is that was not dressed as Lady gaga,  i was dressed as gyaru( as my style obviously) .............. but good advantage for promotion of gal, cause they ask me     in what is inspired your outfit?, and I answer in fashion gyaru am a gyaru wahaaaaaaa.... here my outfit nothing new because I already had shown here......
forget my horrible face ....  

some random photos 

people arriving


me again

me and my friend whose i went

lady gaga starting ... i put the photo because in the videos sounds my horrible voice singing aloud   that was scared

people  going away

Gaga said that love Mexico   ..... hahahahaha  (my traumas) ¬¬

and finally

I made one of the most stupid things in my life hahahaha, Lady Gaga siang one of her new songs called Americano, 30 minutes after she occurs again  sing it,and  my friend told me, hey I know that song .... .. And I so with my face .... yes, I too .. I think it goes in a movie i answer .... ¬¬ .... , hahaha and turns the guy  next door tells us .............. is that Americano and she singing for a while ..... fuckkk  we saw very  assholes hahahaha
I still remember his  mocking face of  the guy  hahahaha

ok thanks for reading me ... chu 


  1. Que bien! hasta a mi me dieron ganas de ir >_< si te topas con una revista o asi en donde salgas, tienes que enseñarmela =D

    Ame tus tenis!!!

  2. que suerte poder ir a un concierto de la Gaga!!! *o*
    Dios que guay y tu ropa era perfecta para el concierto!! *O*

  3. DIOS! que suerte!
    Yo me quede sin ir al de España ;__;
    Ibas muy mona ~
    un beso