Sunday, December 26, 2010

Egg magazine , Ranzuki magazine & Ageha magazine January FEBRUARY April 2011 ^^

hi ^w^/

today i'll post the egg magazine january 2011

hoy posteo la revista egg de enero 2011

some images here



Download Ranzuki january 2011

Download AGEHA

...................AGEHA FEBRURY.....................


............................EGG MAGAZINE FEBRUARY........................

lhoraii .......o_0 woooooouuhh another gaijin gyaru in egg magazine ..!!







chu chu--------^3^/

X- mas outfit &Say goodbye to my old two tone washed hair (^ー^)ノ~~Bye-Bye!

☆Hey!ヽ('ー'#)/ Hello!☆

First i wanna tell you MERRY X- MAS chu chu for all of you and x- mas outfit

my bro take the photo before go to the party .... wa aaaaaa it was a bored x-mas T_T WITH no so many presents ...... i would like to stay with my mom family no with my dada family

Now i wanna tell you that is time to say goodbye to my old two tone hair (that is washed ..... by the way)

here a photo but is hardly to see the change. by that which is the matching with the blond SOOO SAD T_T and in the image don`t look my blond hair well stupid mac that doesen't take good photos

sorry but it did a fast make up for a simple day i was very lazy so i don't look very welll but i just wanna show you my hair jummm don't look so much in my anti- gal face

and say haroooo to my new prototype hair

and here the photo of the prototype drawed by me in the school in 30 seconds ... hahah ... sooo sorry for the bad draw ..... and the part blue is ruled out, thanks to my friends who managed to talk that would be very difficult to do .... yes yes ^w^


Hey q onda .....- !

ahora quiero decirle que es tiempo para decirle adios a mi viejo cabello de dos tonos que por cierto esta deslavado y se esta emparejando con el guero de siempre mmmm T_T

alla la foto de mi cabeshooo q casi ni se ve

aqui la foto del prototipo de cabello que me quiero hacer .... waaaa lo hice en la escuela asi super rapido asi que perdonen que este tan feo hahaha

mañana me lo pintare y decolorare y despues actualizare mi blog ^^

Saturday, December 11, 2010

An Applause for THE MEXICAN GYARU........ ☆;:*:;☆;:*:;☆“Congratulations”☆;:*:;☆;:*:;☆

Today I will talk about an issue that in particular is important for me, AT LEAST IN MY WORLD...... GOOD, HAHAH.
as you know I'm from Mexico, and if you do not know, you know now !


The truth is that being a gyaru here in Mexico is difficult, which in turn makes it dangerous, but hey I am still proud GAL.
not only for the way in which we emphasize with our makeup, hair style, also for the costumes we have the risk of being robbed or kidnapped, maybe worse .......... (((p(>o<)q))) いやぁぁぁ
but hey, I pray every day that nothing happens to me.

Let me tell you one of my many anecdotes ............ .

At that time i had my hair brwoen red my makeup was inspired by haifa wehbe, was dressed in a black leggings with a gray shirt, slightly notched with silver shoes, and my natural curly hair .... ,i had to walk a few streets to where I had been to see my friends what were more or less as 4 streets when i go 1 1 / 2 street i saw Hummer next to me and with a dude telling me a lot of bullshit, that he gave me a ride to my house, and that if I gave my phone, that if I had one I bought ... baaaaa pure nonsense, s obvious that here in mexico is a down to two things, kidnapping, or being a whore, but as the type of situation i thoughit was of kidnapping but all my friend told me we thought i was a hoe .. xD; because I was telling him not. no. no, and i cross the street that guy, accelerated his car and spent the other side. but here in Mexico you can not trust anyone unknown.

BTW that is the only thing that has happended to me , I have never been stoled or whatever . Anyway glistening involves the risk of being a target because they can think that you can have money because you're fashionable and good lookin (criminal logic ) ... what a stupid thought right ?

now diverting some of the item let me tell you about MEXICO, my hometown, although I have Arab and Spanish ancestry, but that even so I love my Mexico.

In Mexico we are not all as the world thinks, with our hats and ponchos ... not masters oviously not these are our roots but also because there is civilization, I say not as Shanhai but also we aren't a country of the called Third World as we see everyone, plus we have a lot of culture. here too there are emos, punks psichobillys, lolitas Rastafarian gyarus, rockers, skaters, Scene. etc and also have nice places culturtales as the pyramids, where each year on the equinox makes a rave or concert, and we also have karaoke, mcdonalls, clubs, restaurants, etc etc. good .... guys and I got tired of writing so that's everyone by now and sorry for writing such a directory, but want to tell everyone .......this

tomorrow i upload the photos because im lazy now
chu chu

como ya sabran soy de mexico soy una gyaru mexicana ,y si no lo saben ,pues ya saben!


La verdad es que ser una gyaru aqui en mexico es dificil , que a su vez lo hace peligroso , pero bueno aun asi soy orgullosamente GAL.
nO solo por la forma en la que resaltamos , con nuestro maquillaje , peinado, sino tambien por el vestuario corremos el riesgo de ser robadas ó secuestradas , talvez algo peor pero bueno , rezo todos los dias porque nada me pase.

Dejenme contarles una de mis tantas anecdotas ............ .

en ese tiempo tenia mi cabello caferojo , mi maquillaje estaba inspirado en haifa wehbe , estaba vestida con un pantalon negro , con una playera gris , ligeramente escotada con unos zapatos plateados, y mi cabello natural rizado .... , tenia que caminar tan solo unas cuadras , hacia donde me habia quedado de ver con mis amigos , que eran mas o menos como 4 cuadras , cuando a 1 1/2 cuadra , cuando se para una camioneta hummer a lado de mi y un wey diciendome de pendejadas , de que me daba in aventon a mi casa , y que si le daba mi telefono , que si no tenia uno me lo compraba ... baaaaa puras estupideces , ovio eso aqui en mexico es un enganche para dos cosas , secuestro , o ser una puta pero como por el tipo de situacion me olia a secuestro auqnue mis amigos me dijeron que me confundio con una prosti XD .. porque yo dicendole no . que no . que no , y me cruzo la calle ,ese wey acelero su coche y se paso del otro lado pero aqui en México no puedes confiar en nadie desconocido.

Como sea eso e slo único que me ha pasado en mu bello hogar , jamas he sido robado o culaquier cosa , pero en relucir en México implica el riesgo de ser un objetivo porque te ven fashion  , arreglado etc tec , ( lógica criminal ) , qué pensamiento tan estúpido , no ?

ahora desviándome un poco del tema dejenme contarles de MÉXICO mi tierra natal aunque tengo ascendencia arabe y española pero y que aun asi yo adoro a mi México .

En mexico no todos somos como el mundo entero piensa , con nuestros sombreros y poncho ... no señores no oviamente esas son nuestras raizes pero , tambien ya existe civilizacion , digo no como en shanhai pero , tampoco somo un pais del tecer mundo como nos ven todos , ademas de que contamos con mucha cultura . aqui tambien hay emos , punks psichobillys ,lolitas rastafaris , gyarus , rockeros , skaters , Scene. etc y tambien tenemos lindos lugares culturtales como las piramides , donde cada año en el equinoccio hace un rave o conciertos , y tambien tenemos karaokes , macdonalls , clubes , restaurantes , etc etc . bueno chicos ya me canse de escribir asi que eso es tod por hoy y perdon por escribir semejante directorio , pero quiera decirle a todos esto I hope you are not bored with it ....

Monday, December 6, 2010

DOLLY GYARUSA MEMBER \(○^ω^○)/メキシコギャル-サ

(=∇=)ノ~ DOMO♪ .........Hi

Today i don't feel well , there is something that makes me feel sad (;´д` ) (トホホ)

hoy me siento triste por alguna razon sniff sniff

but anyway i want talk today about Dolly gyarusa メキシコギャル-サI'm an official member since yesterday (*゚▽゚)/゚・:*【祝】*:・゚\(゚▽゚*) Congratulations for me ) hahhahah it's a Mexican gyarusa 外人ギャル-サ kakkoii .. ne !!!

en fin hoy les hablare de Dolly gyarusa del cual soy miembro oficial desde ayes waaaaa que bien , es un gyarusa Mexicano cool hahaha

Those are other members of the gyarusa







viva  México ....


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

my next purchase .... waaaa \(○^ω^○)/

こんばんわぁo(^-^ o )(ノ ^-^)ノゃぁゃぁ♪ Good night

Mmmmmm The last saturday i was walking around the mall , when we decide to enter and look around (☆o☆), when i saw this two beautiful things .... (゜ロ゜)ギョェ

OMFG ..... both are from the brand Hello bebe i like speacially this brand because always their clothes are so cute and i love more ther shoes , cause their have hightheels very very hight aroun 15 cm o_0and i don't care, their are expensive ...... , of course for my economy hahaha , the price of shoes is $ 300 dollars, TwT, and dress $350 .

I hope in christmas my family give me money and then i can buy it ... yeahhh and of course now i'm saving my money, not so much for the dress, rather for the shoes i love shoes more .(。-_-。)ノ☆・゚:*:゚L□∨Ε

so..... i hope see ya soon イテラ━━━ヽ(´∀`ヽ)━━━ッシャイ!


Sunday, November 28, 2010

Egg magazine , Ageha , Ranzuki ...... December..O(≧∇≦)O

In my last post i don't know why doesn't appear my gaijin gyaru video ...ヽ(#`Д´)ノ┌┛〃∩AhーAhーAhー stupid blogger... made me work for nothing
it take a lot of time to upload and it doesn't appear ... waaaa so angry, but I'll check after that.
Now I leave the magazine Egg, Ageha,and Ranzuki of december the link is not from me, cause im soooo lazy, but I hope it serve u hahaha, then i will upload my collection of 2008 and 2007 and re-Constructing my page. waaaaaaaaa. im working in this right now, when i have finished and i upload it, i hope you like it .... so, it's all for now


Egg magazine december

Ranzuki december 2010

Ageha december 2010