Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sad Sad Sad TT_TT

Hello ... !
yes I'm very sad .... as never in my life ...  why ..? too many reasons but one speacial ....... !!!!

People are bad, they want to destroy us and only by jealous, envy .., and on top makes it look that we are the bad. What cunning? but we'll leave it because we know we are different, and while we and the people around us know, who cares what other people think ......... Dolly forever love ... <3 .. we will not fall by gossip and fallacies as miccah says hahaha
also convincing people that we're the bad and false when in fact these people are false, why so much hate? But people will realize how they really are, how are they? And they will stay away from you.

Dolly will be stay fine  ...........................!

Sorry, I just wanted to express and vent a bit too.....I think these people will not stop until we are sunk, but they never never can ...


  1. Arriba Kzz!!!! Dolly seguira de pie siempre que queramos!!!! TE ADORO! <3

  2. si! tienes razon! GO GO DOLLYZ!!!! que nada nos tire! por cierto! amo tu cancion! esta bn prendida! xD

  3. Chicas, no se realmente que os esta ocurriendo y tal..pero por lo que leo parece que hay gente que os hace la vida imposible no?

    Animo! Esto son gente es un poco envidiosa a veces y hace cosas para herir!!

    Lo importante es no hacer caso!!! Hay un dicho que es "No hay mayor desprecio que el que no hace aprecio". Si ignorais a la gente en vez de darle bombo la volveis mas debil!