Monday, November 8, 2010

HApPy hAllOwEeN n ShIbUyA ...... WuHAHAHAHA

sAlUt .... ça va ?

as u know ATOM is the club of da gyarus i was watching tha ATOM page i saw this gorgeous event so.. i think : one day i wanna stay at a halloween awwwww and u know according to the Web it became the best event in tokyo hahaha, but you know how this clubs, throw flowers themselves, although I admit I had given so sooo soooooooooooo much for being there, wow here the photos of the event

if u dont know the atom page here -->

I spend the Halloween in a club called first level, in a foam party ....... was very funny i fell pfffffff... many times, i dont know if it was for the foamthat it was at my waist and i slipped or drunk hahaha, i dont put pictures, because, as you can imagine as it lies, with my hair all tangled with makeup smeared, all wet,i'll look for a picture hahaha where do i stay more or less presentable and then i post it .... ok see ya

chu chu

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