Monday, November 15, 2010

Another story about foreign (gaijin) gyarus (`∀`)/

BEFORE I START, I tell you now is not able to do some of my great hobbies: take me many photos because I lost my camera's USB cable and my computer has no connection bluetooth .............. ........... Why? I need to upload photos ................. waaaaa

Well getting back to the theme I've found this video on a Japanese blog, is a video of a documentary of foreign (gaijin) gyarus living in Japan, is missing a piece, that seeketh after.
also want to say that I start to rise again some gyaru's magazines as Egg, Ranzuki, and Ageha and i'll also increase the arrears and my collection of magazines.

and finally this videon where hyuna of 4minute slliped , she looks sooo funny haah


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