Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sorry for having down the blog ....TwT


I do a quick post to show a Sunday outfit

strange that I put those colors because I do not like using too much or gray or the brown

, pfffffffffff, and it is an old outfit that my hair still see purple that now is a strange combination of gray and purple and blond ......

It see something strange, but anyway, ill still have the blog a little down for a time ,so the truth is i doesn't have desire to write ..... and I had to grab an effort , to do this ... I hope not to let down a long time, I will try to post fast as this. not to abandon my poor blog that it doesn't has the blame.

also i wanna to show this video that i made for dooly gyarusa ...!!!! waaaa i just waked up before did the videooo .. hhahahaah

visit us

chu chu .......
love ya ...


  1. 0la kz!! haha k kurioso komo va kambiando el kabello *-* wa en veces sta bien provar otros kolores.. a mi antes no me gustaba kasi usar gris o tonos grises :l! y ahora me doy welo kon el gris y el negro xD

    Me enkanta komo te vez en la puricura ^^ super linda !

  2. hhahaha si aley se ve bien pero io amo mas los coloress..... za quien sabe
    y gracias ..!!

  3. i dont know what youre saying in the video, but i watched it anyway. xD hahaha!

    you have nice voice ^^

  4. gracias caracteress japones corazonn .. hahha

    thank u fenroro