Thursday, October 6, 2011

New arrivals ~~

 hello hello ...
Long time with out updates ... no?

the answer ... yes , i'm working ... omg  that so fuckin weirdd for mee .. hahhaahaha ok for that i was out of bloggging for a long time .. this is very tired  .. but now i do a fats post  commenting about my new arrivals of pinky paradise

that was the Wonder Eye Brown (Super Nudy Brown) circles lenses and  a diamond lashes  (princes ) and 2 gift that PP sent me

I chose that lenses cause i watched in the blog of  Martha a review about of this lenses that her friend Julia bought, and from that moment i got in love with it  hahahah but i prefered to bought it in brown because the blue lense looked so dark in my natural eye color .~~~~

 and look this pretty "buchiboo" i loved him 


  1. Ayyy qué me gustan esas pestañicas!! *___* lo malo es que son muy puñeteras para ponérselas!! Hay que tener mucha maña!!

    Tengo ganas de ver una fotito tuya con ellas puestas!

  2. Wooooooooo a veeer fotica con tus new cir!!!! buchiboo!!! hahahaha que monadita de perrirrish!!! tienes que llevarlo al cumple de hiki!!!! no se que hare... creo la llevare al bow wow deli! VAMOS!