Friday, February 24, 2012

New adquisitions ..~~

Hello everybody what's up .. !!!

Today I'll show my recently adquisitions .. !!

First this cute folder and beauty sheet masks

Tha beauty sheet mask are really good and cheap !!! yeiii

This time I only bought the lemon one and raspberry one , but there are a lot of different types

Bear and heart rings .. so cute don't cha?

This SBY mirror and ribbon tha Juni give like a present with a gift card ... thak u!!!

With the gift card i bought 2 foxy tails a cap , earring and a bracelet

This boot that i found it in a shop in down town sooo cheapppp ..!! woooww like 30 dollars ..!!
and also these boots




  1. jo qué envidia *___* y qué bonico to!

  2. aaaah que monada!!!!!!! los anillos no tienen madre! kazz te amoooodoro bien cañoniiish MUAK!

  3. Hace mucho que no me pasaba por tu blog!! Un dia hay que ir de compras juntas!! yay!! =D