Friday, March 23, 2012

Welcome to Spring ..!

hi Everybody .. !!!
I know I know I've this so abandoned but I ain't have a lot of  desire to write in while ... pff   but right now" i take a lot of energy of he spring" ( what with this) XD and i DECIDED TO WRITE A FEW THINGS YEIIII  

OK yestaerday  spring officially started ..... so i decide to welcome it with hippie outfit and a pop green make up . like the nature .. (Ok seriously I'm talking a lot of bullshits  just for kidding right now )  here  some photos about that

amd some edited photo with a spirng tone ....according to me ..!

 have a nice spring get fun of everything and be happy 

 chu kzz


  1. WOW!!!! me gusta mucho tu maquillaje!!! :D si que siii

  2. Que guapa!! *______* llevas unas pestañas preciosas! te hacen el ojo super grande!! *¬*

  3. @miccah: bueno pues como queria que saliera , no quedo , ya que no tenia los colres corrector .. !!! pero gracais miki tqm

    @akemi : graciasss , siento que así reluce más mi oji baby

    @sana : thanks so much ..!

  4. So pretty! *_* Love your hair :D