Tuesday, April 17, 2012

KzZ music top 5 ..~~~

Hello hellooo

waaahhh finally debuting with an entry my new design blog (which is still in construction  xD)  haha

actually i wanted to make a entry saying that what do you wanna see in my blogggg now that i was releasing a new face ( obvious da blog ) xD (hairstyle tutorial , make up tutorial , outfits , vlogs ) or whatever .. ~~~~  but the my brother made me feel bad saying that that was so looser  ...!!!! but anywayyy    I  do it ..!!!  xD

Ok   changing the theme a lil' , I made a video talking about mY music top 5 ..!!! yeahhhh of course with our channnel GALTV (LATIN AMERICAN GYARU)

Here the video i made  it has subtitles in English and in Japanese ( i think the last one is a little wrong xD )

thanks  ...!


  1. Yo insistooo! deberias hacer un vlog de esto! es TU tema!! es como wow! me encanta como hablas de la musica y todoooo ! no se como explicarlo xD por otro lado amo como quedo tu blog se ve genialisimo!!!!!!!!!!! kazz baby te adoroooooooooow

  2. Kazzhi, no me habia pasado por tu blog, te quedo super kawaii la deco y ahh muy tu estilo, eso grita JSG!! <3

  3. Qué mona!!
    Me encanta tu blog, está genial!
    Te sigooo<3

  4. @MICCAH : HAHAHA no seee

    @jun : hehehehbuaaaahhahaha pero aún lo lo acabo

    @victoria : GRACIAS <3<3