Sunday, August 12, 2012

New hair style = big fail but cool..!!

Hello everyone

Once again I tried to got a silver hair , but one again i fail because my hair wasn't enought white to get that color  pfff so i dicided to dye  the end of my hair with purple .. !!!    



but OK it looks good  , someday i will reach that wished color

also i was making a video for my youtube channel about how does peolple wtch my style and this is a  eliminated scene thank to all the peolple that pass behind me and a dog jumping into water  ,and i just pretend  to talk 


  1. Los extraño TnT
    kzz ame tu nuevo cabello! GOD lo tienes hyper largo

  2. Hola, Kzz! El plateado te sienta muy bien~! (*-*) Y el flequillo de lado te da un look más kawaii (>w<)En mi caso no me animaría a teñirlo porque dañaría muchísimo a mi pelo, encima tengo las puntas florecidas xD
    Saludos desde Argentina!


  3. @miccah : woooouhhh yo tambien te extrañowwww

    @lii : haha gracias , pero igual yo tengo el cabello jodidisimo , pero la camara lo ocutlta , animate no pierdes casi nada ... OK , SI SI POERDE CABELLO .. HAHAHA XD