Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Kim Ki-duk and Bin-jip (3 iron)

Hello readers

Yesterday i dowload 2 movies : Girl's life and 3-iron , the first ( Girl's life ) is discharged wrong  without sound ... buuuuuuu . but the other one its ok  so today I decided to do a fastpost talkin' about this movie  ,that some peolple had recommended me ,  is a beautiful story about a guy that entered houses and stayed to live there without anyone noticing him , he ate there, etc, and paid it picking up  , fixing things or doing things, but suddenly comes to a house, and there all the story unfolds ...... watch it

Title : 3 iron - El espíritu de la pasíon 
Direction and script : Kim ki-Duk  
Country : Korea
Ranking :
highly recommended

About Kim KI-DUK
Korean filmmaker  born in Bonghwa and his cinematographic works



  1. Yo tengo esta pelicula y tambien las de samaritan girl y the bow, estan muy buenas =D te recomiendo ambas, este director es genial! ^.^

    Recuerdo haber visto esta película por el actor Jae Hee (su sonrisa colgate me encanta, aunque creo que aqui no sonríe jaja)

  2. hahahahaha si bueno la de samaritan girl también se ve buena pero hayyyyyyyyyy diossssssss que flojera bajarmela se tradan un buen a solo que este online , porque esta no estaba online ..... >:c

  3. me dan ganas de verlaa la encontre online, a ver como esta :)