Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Last Party & maintenance blog

Hi pretty readers

Now  I'm making the new desig of my blog , waaaaaa it will be so much as my style  wiiiii to coloful and expressing happiness .... <3<3 and with HD photos waaaaaaaaaa of course with help hahaha just kidding that is so cute to help me photoshooting me

Changing a little bit the theme  i will speack you about my last party that was this friday , I don't know why but i wassssss sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo unfriendly , badface etc etc this day .... maybe i just didn't want to dance , drink (alcohol) 0_0 and be social because a few hours before my school give final grades and guess what ..?
I was wrong in some subjects  ohhwwwwww ..... :s    and my mother punished meee so hard ..! that was my last party until a few weeks i wonderr .. than less ok but you now bloggers ......  always thinking in the blog and what too write so in my last party i diced to take a video of my friends dancing SALSA hahaha they dance salsa very welllll  motherf*ckers ... hahahahaha it was in a bar and was the salsa hour think i hate because i only dance salsa in weddings , in IV years and comunions in party or clubs i don't like and let me tell you that I dance it very badly ....... yeappp trust me  . hahaha

huhuhuh of course in the video don't look well by lack of the light ..... buuuu but look a video of a salsa dancers OF COURSE WITH OUT STUNTS IN THE AIR ..... 

if you wanna dance salsa one day the trick is  to move exaggerated the hip and give a little kick to the back that will  make you turn around

ok ... You may be wondering why I talk about salsa? ... and the answer is i don't know maybe because is the only video i take ...... hahahhahaa 

 love yaaaaa chu


  1. Ya quiero ver como queda tu blog! yo quiero agregar algunas cosas al mío que deje pendientes pero nada mas no me dan ganas xD jajaja flojaza! >_<

    A mi no me gusta la salsa o bailes latinos xp jaja por eso nunca bailo

    me gusta como te ha quedado el cabello, apenas me hice un retoque con un tono rubio castaño o algo asi y me ha quedado totalmente oscuro bueno para el tono que era =S espero mañana con el baño eso se quite

  2. Juraria que ya te había comentado o le has puesto moderación de comentarios? xp

  3. haahahahah a mi tampoco .......mas que en bodas y cosas asi , y no me hice nada en el cabello jun ... hahahhahhahahah y si ya me habias cometado .. hahahhahah tenia moderacion .. hahah 0<

  4. Pero que bien se lo pasa esta chica y lo guapa que sale siempre en las fotos!!!!

  5. @nenachi : gracias , pero si tu ests igual ..!!!